La Communauté Fantastique


La Communauté Fantastique – we are essentially that, a fantastic community! Following the John Howe exhibition in St Ursanne held during 2007 several members of the John Howe forum expressed an interest in exhibiting their own work in St Ursanne, from this the idea grew – why only exhibit once in St Ursanne, it could be a regular event, or a series of events held in different locations around the World. La Communauté Fantastique consists of a diverse range of exhibitors from keen amateurs to published illustrators and artists, from watercolourists to carvers of wood.

The first exhibition will now be held in 2010 (after the main event in St Ursanne 2009 had to be cancelled); and more details will be posted here when details are confirmed.

If you'd like to host an exhibition by La Communauté Fantastique please get in touch.


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